Emergency 911

Nutelity Has You Covered

At Nutelity, we provide a safe and reliable means of communication in times of emergency. Your safety is important to us, so we’ll need you to fill out a short form during the sign up process that tells us the street address where you will be using your Nutelity service.

Nutelity 911 service is different from traditional wire line 911 and cellular/wireless 911. How it works may differ depending on where you are located, and the device used, when using your Nutelity service. Most of our customers (other than Wi-Fi and Softphone customers) have access to either basic 911 or Enhanced 911 (E911) service.

With E911 service, when you dial 911, your telephone number and registered address is simultaneously sent to the local emergency center assigned to your location, and emergency operators have access to the information they need to send help and call you back if necessary.

Customers in locations where the emergency center is not equipped to receive your telephone number and address have basic 911. With basic 911, the local emergency operator answering the call will not have your call back number or your exact location, so you must be prepared to give them this information. Until you give the operator your phone number, he/she may not be able to call you back or dispatch help, especially if the call is not completed or forwarded, is dropped or disconnected, or if you are unable to speak. As additional local emergency centers become capable of receiving our customers’ information, Nutelity automatically upgrades customers with basic 911 to E911 service. Nutelity will not give you notice of the upgrade.

Certain customers do not have access to either basic 911 or E911. If you don’t have access to basic 911 or E911 your 911 call will be sent to the Nutelity national emergency call center. A trained agent at the emergency call center will ask for the name, telephone number and location of the customer calling 911, and then contact the local emergency center for such customer in order to send help. Examples of situations where 911 calls will be sent to the Nutelity national emergency call center include when there is a problem validating a customer’s address, the customer is identified with an international location, or the customer is located in an area that is not covered by the landline 911 network. In addition, if you use a Wi-Fi or Softphone, due to the portable nature of these devices, your 911 calls will be routed to the Nutelity national emergency call center. Dispatchers at the national emergency center do not receive your phone number or physical location when your 911 call is routed to the Nutelity national emergency call center. Until you give the operator your phone number, he/she may not be able to call you back or dispatch help if the call is dropped or disconnected, or if you are unable to speak.

When you initiate service with Nutelity, You must register the physical location where you will utilize Nutelity phone service for each phone line. If you move your device to another location, you must register your new location. If you do not register your new location, any 911 call you make may be sent to an emergency center near your old location. The registration process can take several hours. You will receive a confirmation email once 911 Dialing has been activated for your initial location or for a newly registered location. Regardless of what address you register for a WiFi or Softphone, emergency calls you make from these devices will be routed to the Nutelity national emergency response center.

Notify all users of the 911 limitations described. Inform all business colleagues, household residents, guests and other persons who may be present at the physical location where you utilize Nutelity service that 911 may not be available or may be limited in comparison to traditional 911 service.

If you subscribe to Nutelity mobile applications, the physical location registered for your equipment will be the physical location registered for the mobile application associated with that equipment. Nutelity’s only mechanism for routing 911 calls to the correct emergency call center is the physical location registered for the device. Nutelity’s mobile application uses your device’s dialer and cellular telephone service to make 911 calls. If your device does not have cellular telephone service, you will not be able to call 911 from the Nutelity mobile application. Nutelity’s mobile applications are not a replacement for your cellular service and you cannot make emergency (e.g., 911) calls using the software. If you attempt to make a 911 call from the mobile application the mobile application will close and the call will be placed over your cellular carrier’s network.

Your monthly invoice will reflect charges for your 911/E911 service. These charges will be in addition to the applicable service fees and monthly recurring charges for the associated line(s), on a per phone number basis. Nutelity will remit some of the 911/E911 fees it collects on a pass through basis to applicable municipal, county or state governments that require us to collect a 911/E911 fee. Other portions of the 911/E911 fees you pay to Nutelity reimburse Nutelity for its direct and indirect costs to provide 911/E911 services.

Remember that our 911 Dialing service will not function in the event of a broadband or power outage or if your broadband, ISP or Nutelity phone service is terminated. Accordingly, Nutelity advises customers to maintain an alternative means of accessing traditional 911 means. Your activation of service with Nutelity constitutes your acknowledgement that Nutelity is not liable for any service outage and/or inability to dial 911 or any other emergency telephone number using Nutelity service, or to access emergency service personnel due to the 911 dialing characteristics and limitations described above.

Last Updated January 17, 2016