Out of the Box Pricing

Our approach to pricing is out of the box. We don’t plug you into one of “our 3 standard plan types” – we don’t have any. We don’t have tiers either based on your size. We don’t offer “deals of the week”. We don’t play shell games. We don’t bait ‘n’ switch.

First, we analyze your current phone and internet bills. This is a less time consuming way for us to understand exactly what services you have today. Also, since telecom billing is very complex our experts will analyze your current bills for compliance and errors. More often than not we find something to share that will benefit your bottom line whether you become a Nutelity client or not.

Next, our staff will we meet you in person at your place of business to understand how you do business and what drives your success. Only then do we design a solution that fits your business – functionally and financially.

Finally, all of the guaranteed cost of all your services will be combined on one easy to understand monthly bill that delivers real value, fits your budget and has no fine print.

Our clients love out of the box

Healthcare Client

Exactly What We Needed

We finally found a local firm that truly wanted to help us improve our operations not just sell us phones. With two locations and growing we ended up paying more with Nutelity than what others quoted. But that’s because everyone else just quoted against what we already had not what we needed. Their “presale” input was very valuable, the install seamless and the support and training rocks.

Financial Client

Faster, Better… for the same price

We actually get compliments from prospects and customers about the HD voice quality. The features and reliability have improved our office. When we call we always get a real person to talk with…Not press 1 for English. Now we have a completely new state of the art system with much faster and way better overall internet for what we were paying before.

Professional Services Client

Saved Us More Than 50%

This was a wise financial decision. Our previous provider never set foot in our offices. Nutelity met with us to understand our business needs and ultimately saved us more than 50%. We fell for the savings but realize now it’s their features, reliability and people that set them apart.

Manufacturing Client

No Capital Expense Plus More Than 20% Savings

They are so accommodating. We were amazed at their full unified communications suite platform and were ready to go now! Then we had an unfortunate situation and couldn’t do it. Instead of saying “call us when you’re ready” they came up with an interim solution that fixed some of our issues, required no capital outlay and on top of it saved us more than 20% a month. We tell everyone about them.

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